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Over 100 classes available

Our new Wexer system means our members have access to over 100 classes! With a mixure of live and virtual classes, there is something for everyone. Try Insanity with Sean T, or our 1.5 hr kickboxing session with Kef.

Our Class Instructors come from a range of backgrounds, so they all come with different knowledge and experience.

Types of classes

Live Studio

Our live classes are taught by our highly qualified class instructors.

Virtual Classes

Our virtual classes are easy to follow videos. You could do yoga on a beach, insanity with Sean T, or have a go at ballet.

Fitness Centre Classes

These classes take place in the gym and are run by our Fitness Instructors. Learn how to use new equipment and get put through your paces.

Just some of our classes

Optimal Ride

High intensity and fun indoor cycling. We even have a virtual cycling studio in our Fitness Centre.

Optimal Core

A series of movements that will stabilise and strengthen your core.

Power Yoga

Classic yoga style to get fit and encourage a healthy mind-body connection.

Optimal Iron Man

High impact class in the Fitness Centre to get you moving.

Optimal Freestyle Circuit

Freestyle class targeting your whole body for a complete workout.

Optimal Strike

Learn to increase strength, confidence, coordination and flexibility.

Virtual Cycling Studio

Our Virtual Cycling studio is located in the Fitness Centre and is always open. So jump into a session and cycle up the Alps, or along an exotic beach.

Body Burn

Complete body workout for toning and fat burning with adrenalin pumping routines.



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